Sunday, April 1, 2012

Best Key Word tool of the year 2012: Scout or Spy or Samurai

Best Key Word tool: Scout or Spy or Samurai, of the year 2012.

tool by Josh Macdonald (macdonjo copyright)

Hi, there! We really fancy ourselves with the best title we could find :) In our opinion, based on the keyword scout reviews on facebook, and its community that is non affiliated with the maker: there once WAS only 1 tool to scrape amazon and google with.

That tool was the Noble Market Samurai. All we can say is:

Market Samurai is so 2005 passé

Then there was and we can easily say still is, The keyword SPŸ. It does a little bit of different things then the scout software. so for our niche sites in 2012, and also all our monetized blogs and content, we still use both.

But as for Market Samurai vs Key word SPY we say:

Keyword Spy is so 2010! lol

So where is the future of keyword scraping heading? How is the nich market site building revolutionized in 2012? What is the best key word tool online this year?

Well not to sound like a car sales person, not to guide you to a tool that you dont need and make you buy a software that you won't use, we suggest you check the community built review site on facebook.

Yes the Keyword Reviews by people like you and me are now online in an open community on Facebook. You can easily leave your comments and questions, rants and frustrations, doubts and scam reports, hear opinions from previous market samurai users that switched to the keyword scout and why.

What is there to think about? Read for yourself.

Scout and Spy you little Samurai :)

tool by josh macdonald.

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