Friday, April 13, 2012

market samurai seo competition not working: keyword scout

If your market samurai seo competition was not working recently, time to try keyword scout.

What is keyword tool:scout?

As you have been looking all over the internet for opportunities to make some good passive income, and earn online through a blog or amazon, you have probably read about many tools that will help you.

One of them is something that helps you scraping. To scrape means, automatically copy and paste a lot of information or key words that you specify, from a web page of your choosing. example: Amazon.

What that does is that you research your market or product, build a free blogger or wordpress site, with content scraped about that product, from articles that are related to what you will propose to sell to your readers.

It makes it not only easier but faster for you. Now what if I told you that for years, the only good tool to find a related domain name, a good niche or market to attack, a great product that people don't really compete in, was the noble market samurai?

Now how about, that this tool not only used most of the google key word features in a very spammy but also laggy way, it bugged and was rarely updated?

Hence why now you have:

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