Thursday, April 19, 2012

blogging for profit passive income opportunities

So you want a Passive income blog...

What you need when niche blogging are the right tools. The tools that will help you make a profit in your industry are the ones that will inform you in the best way about your competition and products you can sell. If you find a tool that automates tasks, scrapes content from sources like Amazon ang Google results, then eventually your efforts become passive more then active. Earning yourself some income in a sustainable way can only be achieve if you dedicate not 8 hours a day to your blog, but rather 4 hours a week in a routine way. This way your content is natural and exponential, and your developpe good habits. Then when you start getting visitors, and learn about your niche market, you start seeing opportunities you have never seen before, and some of those even fall into your lap through a comment on your blog, an email, a surprise backlink or re-post. etc.

Here are some real tools and free information to get you started, the information is out there FREE! So don't buy any e-books till you read these basic ways to understand how you can start creating rich content and free websites that make money:

- happy keyword scraping and earning money!

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