Tuesday, April 3, 2012

key word spy on amazon

Ok so maybe this key word tool is not like the keyword spy. For those of you using these many techniques to scrape google and to also scrape amazon for ideas or even just content; you will quickly see a difference.

The scout vs the Spy is not a fair comparison. I suggest to try and bundle both of the tools for all your marketing efforts when building niche sites or blogs.

The spy vs the market samurai... even then we aint talking about apples and apples. It also depends how advanced one is in their site building and niche market content generating: Do you write your own rich content posts or pages? Do you just scrape amazon or google content and fill in the blanks?

I Suggest you always try to write 500 to 1000 words with very unique content, then re read your site and post, then plug in, from the key word tool scout's suggestions, words in between phrases.

So far im still on this review, not sure about maybe writing my comparison about the Spy tool vs the Scout tool, and Market Samurai... but will see.

- Keyword scraping articles. :)

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