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Make Money with Keyword Scout Affiliate program

Make Money with the Keyword Scout Affiliate Program

tool by: Josh Mcdonald (macdonjo, Macdonald).

If you were unsure, and sat on the fence until today and have asked yourself if you should purchase the Keyword Scout tool or not, than here is another reason to do so now:
  • Keyword Scout is now sharing its affiliate program to everybody! Not only the one who is an owner of the full version!
Why that? Because they believe in a) rewarding loyal customers and b) want honest, review-style promotion approaches that are delivered by real users of the software.
How to get into the Keyword Scout Affiliate Program:
  • Sign up for your free Keyword Scout Trial here (only a valid email address required, nothing else)(if available).
  • If you like what you see, buy Keyword Scout (Hint: The earlier in your trial period you buy it, the cheaper you get it.)(No longer applies as of march 27 2012, instead the price went down, again!)
  • You will receive your affiliate code in Clickbank
  • Start promoting a great piece of software and get paid a great commission on every sale you refer.
That was the short list, now a little bit about my personal review as a Keyword Scout Affiliate (before you ask, I was following its developpement since late 2011) and a bit about the attractive affiliate rewards.

How much money can you make being a Keyword Scout Affiliate?
Keyword scout is one of the highest paying programs in the market, you get a huge commission per sale. Depending on if someone bought it before or after the rebates, or applied a coupon, I still think the comissions are great. As Keyword Scout offers a full, no questions asked, 60 days money back warranty, you will get paid your commission after this time frame is over. At the start of each month, the nice people at Keyword Scout, count up all of the sales generated by you that are 60 days old or older (and exclude any refunds) (that is what i understood so far from that affiliate program), and pay you the resulting amount in commissions via check on the adress registered with clickbank. Any sales that are less than 60 days old (and therefor still inside the refund period) will be paid in the following month.

My personal experience as a Market Samurai Affiliate
No, I am not allowed to say how much I made exactly with this program (but I am making a good passive income, good money, plus I own now one of the best niche and SEO tools on the market). Here is a bit of my experience with them:

I bought Keyword Scout tool in march of 2012 after doing a long and thorough research on a niche, keyword and seo tools. I decided on the Keyword Scout tool, because it was simply the best, it was available in both Mac and Windows editions (i think, because i have a mac and it works) and was sold for one, low, price (197$ back then) that includes lifetime updates. I opted for that option instead of the monthly payements of around 40$ back then. Many other, similar, tools out there require a much higher monthly payment and are not available for Mac. Now, I am using a Windows PC at work as my desktop computer and also a Windows laptop, well you know what? For that price I was able to download, install and activate the many different versions of Keyword Scout tool for my computers. That is what I call great customer service, bang for the buck, deal.. Soon after having test driven the software, I started to tell all my other blogger firends about the reviews and feautres it had. I spread the word about it, yeah, I kinda admit that I was a Keyword scout fan girl from the very beginning – and still am one. After only 1 week, I verified if they actually had an affiliate program. :)

Until now, joining the Keyword Scout affiliate program was only possible if you were in the right "in" crowd, like forums or closed circle of friends. No need for an invitation like the other tools out there. Since march 2012 I have been actively promoting the Keyword Scout tool, both on this blog and elsewhere on the internet. And of course, the links here in this blog post help me and my newly wedded wife of 25 to try and recuperate the cost of a wedding, and getting ready for a baby, maybe soon. These are affiliate links. ;) My experience in these few months has been so far:
  • Keyword Scout practically sells itself due to the attractive offers (last time i heard they lowered the price again).
  • The support of the guys is amazing, both from a user as from a affiliate marketer perspective. You always get a real answer, they never let you down. Real people that actually care about their tool, and are passionate to help you build strong content.
  • And, last but not least, they pay on time!

Why is key word scout such a great affiliate program?
A lot of tools on the internet are sold with the help of affiliate programs. Meaning that the companies do little or even no direct ads, they just share the money they earn per sale with the person that referred the buyer to them. Keyword Scout is not only sold with a “60 days money back, no questions asked” warranty, but also with (possibly, unknown as of march 2012) free trial period of a few days. And that is the big selling point!

People are more inclined to download and test drive a program for free or at a rebated price, than paying for it full price and hoping to get their money back if they don’t like it. If you join the gagn of Keyword Scout Tool affiliates, the one most important tip I can give you from my experience is to promote the new 100$ rebate heavily. People need only to provide a valid email address, nothing else and can then try the software for free for a few days. Plus, even if they don’t buy the full version right away, the keyword research tool, stays available for life (to be verified as of the review in march 2012). They get to enjoy the seo, content, promotion and other feautures of the tool .
The next reason you should know is that Keyword Scout tool does the whole follow up for you. Means they send people additional emails with tips on how to use the software more effectively etc. (if you join the facebook community here. Its important to note that they don’t spam people into buying their product, they add so much value to it, with training material, videos, blog posts etc that being in their facebook community is beneficial for everybody, users and not users of the best keyword scout tool. If you have your own email list, membership site, feedburner or blog, they are happy to either help you promote the tool or to even bring a campaign to life just for you (if your list has a certain size).

If you are just a normal blogger like me, starting out affiliate marketer like me in an obscure or competitive niche market, the best thing you can do to be successful is to use banners, links, custom links, your blogs, and even posts on facebook to promote the new 100$ rebate.

Providing you with a real passive income possibility.

Conversion Rate
Keywordscout tool, has, and I have no reason to doubt it, atleast an average of 20-25% of the people that are refered by your link to their sales pitch page, end up buying the product. If you have been longer then a few days wondering about affiliate marketing than you know that is a superb ratio!

And none of the people I recommended Keyword scout tool, came ever back to me and regretted buying it.

If you use one of the following techniques, chances are 100% that you loose your affiliate account, so:
  • Do not use any black hat techniques, spam,  cookie-stuffing, lies, other dirty coding tricks, scams or similar.
  • Avoid the use of ads or promos that start with “Keyword Scout tool is a scam” because they will stop you.
If you stay honnest and sincere, you will be rewarded, try to deceive people and you will be quicker out of the affiliate program than you can : sorry.

tool by: Josh Macdonald (aka macdonjo)

Now go and start making money with keyword scout affiliate program or the tool itself here



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