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Keywordscout.pdf Documentation available online:

Keyword Scout Documentation
Quick-Start Guide
Hello and thank-you for purchasing Keyword Scout! The first thing we are
going to want to do is click New Project on the software.
Next, open the proxy window.
If you own private proxies, then you can click the Import List button, to
import your list of proxy. We use “ip:port” configuration right now. If you
have Squid Proxies, that is the default format. You just save them into a .txt
file and import them. If you don't have private proxies, that's fine. Private
proxies are used to speed up the software, which sometimes doesn't matter
to users. If your plan is just to put the tool aside while it's scraping, because
you've got other things to do, then you don't really need to use private
proxies. You can use the public proxy scraper that we have integrated.
Click Scrape Proxies, and get a few hundred, then stop. Remove all the
duplicates and test them, and then Remove Bad Proxies. Check the Enable
These Proxies checkbox.

Now open the Settings window of the keyword tool.

Enter in any Adwords account email and password, and click Test.
If the status turns to Valid, then you can Save and Close.
If it says Invalid and you're sure there is nothing wrong with the details you
entered, try another account. If you still cannot get your accounts to work,
then you need to contact support at:
If you have multiple niche ideas that you are not sure what to decide on,
simply, enter them in comma format into the text box as shown:
If you have no idea on what you want to base a new website off of, then click
the next radio button to enable Generate Keyword.

We scrape our ideas off We have a text list of brands and you
can add any specific word to it, to ensure that you don't get any keyword
ideas that contain a specific word. There are thousands of brands in the
world, and there is no way to get all of them, but we sure can save time by
getting rid of the most common ones.

Under step 2, I am simply going to click Micro Niche as I like the default
preset. You can change this preset in the Settings.
I will change my Match Type to Exact, and click Scrape Keywords.
At this time, I usually minimize the window for a few moments to continue
on what I was doing before I started keyword researching. If I had nothing
planned, I could be looking for a writer to write on the site I'm about to
build, or be opening to be ready to register the domain. If this
process is taking a long time, you should consider private proxies and a VPS
if you are not already.

Next, I click the Select All check box to select all keywords. I am now going to
click the Scrape Data tab and scrape the All In Title count. I am not going to
scrape all of the data, because that does take good time, and the only time I
would ever choose All Data is if I was about to leave the house, have lunch
or something.

(Its the best free keyword tool by Macdonald, Josh.)

After the All In Title count is done, I am going to click Filter Data. I want only
the keywords with under 25,000 All In Title. This ensure I get a good micro
niche keyword. The program has just removed a lot of keywords, and has
saved us from a lot of unnecessary scraping thus, saving bandwidth and
Now, I am going to go back to the Scrape Data tab, and check for .com, .net
and .org exact match domains. Once that is done scraping, I then head back
over to Filter Data and check the following check box:
Now I have a good list of keywords that I can use. I am now going to scrape
the Profit Potential. This is a small figure that gives me a quick overview of
how profitable a keyword is with Adsense. It's just a combination of the
monthly searches and CPC. For example, 1 keyword could have 1000
monthly searches with a CPC of $5, and another could have monthly
searches of 2500 and a CPC of $0.50. The first keyword is more profitable
because the CPC is 10 times the CPC of the second one, but at a quick glace
it may not be that easy to figure out hundreds of keywords. I now sort the
keywords from greatest Profit Potential to smallest.
I can right click on any keyword, and can search it on Google, to actually see
if I think it's low competition or not.
I now know that I can or can not handle the competition and can now
register decide if I want to register the exact match domain on the registrar
of my choice and begin building a site.
This is just a quick guide to get started, and I imagine it won't be long before
there are more ebook of this tool on the market.
If you have any troubles or ideas/suggestions, please email us at:
support AT

Dear Novice Researcher, Keyword research took me over 2 years to perfect,
but once you do, the rewards are huge. No, you won't become a billionaire
over night, but within a couple months a $xx,xxx per month revenue is fair
and achievable goal. Although within the first couple weeks of learning, I
started making money from Adsense. Hard works pays off. Nothing in life
worth having, comes easy.

Thank-you again! We do appreciate your business. - Josh Macdonald ( also known as MACDONJO, the best keyword tool)

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