Tuesday, March 27, 2012

keyword scout vs market samurai

Keyword scout and Market samurai: the simplest review.

tool by : josh macdonald

So to make a review very simple, there is a bunch of check marks put into sentences that have to be done.

Can the Market Samurai automatically check the Warrior Forum Sales Thread? Unfortunately No. As opposed to the Keyworscout tool, it can. (MS-0 vs KS-1)

When Scraping, The Keyword tool can remove brand names very fast. The market samurai software cannot.(MS-0 vs KS-2)

Both tools help you out to scrape the Google Keyword Tool. (MS-1 vs KS-2)

Is the Market Samurai open for addons in the future? They do software updates, but not like the keyword scout.(MS-2 vs KS-3) yeah I gave MS a point also.

How about having a Built-in Proxy Scraper? Thats a NO for MS, Yes for KeywordScout. (MS-2 vs KS-4)

Another advantage of the keyword scout tool: it has less graphics and is made built also for speed, being light weight, and it increases stability. No points given here, just a remark.

So far I have noticed that the Market Samurai is a bit slower. Trying to be objective here, no points, just a remark.

One other obvious feature: amazon keyword scraper finding product keywords. A major research and content building helper, for the keyword scout software only. (MS-2 vs KS-5)

The KS can check for an exact .com/.net/org match. Can the Market Samurai do that?

Because i was a market samurai user for over 2 years, it was hard for me to keep counting the points in this battle, or comparison. Also because I just started using the keyword scout, and writing a review on it, I tried to be fair.

Can i say that hands down, the keyword scout is the best tool out there? Well I am still using it, so far so good. Will i let go of any other software because of that, not yet. But now that it has come down on the price, it is why i gave it a shot. the best thing you can do is use it yourself and tell me what you think.

-Happy Keyword scraping. :)
tool by: Josh MacDonald.

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